Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why you should eat the fruit

This  is sequel to my last post Tips: Eating the fruits.

My 3 year old son would ask “why” for every instruction given to him. He would ask why he should eat, sleep, go to school and why! Why! Why! My job here today is to let you know some of the reason why you should eat fruits and perhaps list some of the benefits eating fruits can offer to you. If you read the bible, you will agree that fruits were the first food God introduced man to. This is a reason why you should eat fruits (I thought). Now let’s explore some of the reasons why you should eat fruits.

  • Fruits contain a lot of healthy natural fiber. We know that a diet with plenty of fiber is necessary for optimum digestion, and help fight against high blood pressure and other factors that increase the chance for a heart disease.
  • Fruits are the best source of natural sugar, this is needed for energy.
  • Fruits are loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants.
  • If you run away from bad cholesterol, eat fruits. They are completely bad- cholesterol free.
  • Fruit is the ultimate brain fuel; it has a positive effect on our brains and can make you recall information easier and faster.
  • Fruit is easier to digest than grains, it hardly requires any digestive enzymes, and is therefore less demanding to the body.
  • Fruits do not require much preparation before they can be eaten. You do not need to slaughter them first before eating.
Incorporate more fruits to your diet and enjoy great benefits from great Mother Nature. A good way to add more fruits to your diet is to make fresh fruit smoothies and make fresh fruit cuts a major part of your snack.