Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Do you pay close attention to how your body feels when you drink a ton of coke? What influences your choice of food when you walk into a restaurant?

I was shocked when a client told me this morning that she takes between 6-7 bottles of c***- a carbonated drink daily. The only good news was that she admitted that it’s a case of an addiction and that she needs help. With a weight problem and expanding blood sugar level, who wouldn’t ask for help?

Many have completely lost touch with themselves, and can no longer trust their bodies to tell them what to eat and how much. The food industries, though I do not wish to talk about them now are telling us what we should want in a bid to sell their products.

Food is for pleasure and most importantly for nourishment, eat what you need, do not overeat. Shop often so as to include more fresh (and less processed) foods in your diet. Also learn to take cues from your stomach to realize when its full to prevent over eating.