Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eating For Your Bones

The bone is a very essential component of the skeletal system, and plays an essential role in support, protection of the body vital organs, movement, production of body blood cells and mineral storage. For the bone to be able to perform these above functions it has to posses the following characteristics; it have to be light for the body to be able to carry it along in movement, be strong to support and protect the body and above all be healthy.

To maintain a healthy, strong and light bone the first thing that comes to mind is “diet”, yes the food you eat have a great way of controlling the general look and function of your bone. Whether you will end up with bone conditions like osteoporosis, pagets disease, osteoarthritis etc depends partly on your dieting

So here is a list of do’s and don’ts if you are eating for a healthy bone

Excessive intake of protein can be a don’t, protein especially red meats are known to produce sulfates which can displace calcium in the bone and cause a decrease of bone density
Excessive intake of Table salts and all sodium containing foods is not advocated for, for they can indirectly reduce bone calcium

Excessive intake of caffeine is known to reduce calcium absorption, so mind your intake of energy drinks and coffees
Excessive alcohol intake affects vitamin D and calcium absorption
Excess soda is not allowed

Now the do's.

Eat food rich in calcium example green leafy vegetable, milk (not in excess)                                 

Eat foods rich in vitamin k examples; spinach, onions, cabbage, mustard greens, lettuce etc
Go for vitamin D, this has its main source as sunlight and also can be gotten from: cod liver oil, mushrooms, sardines etc

A diet rich in magnesium is also advocated for, magnesium can be found in broccoli, raw plantain, peanuts, spinach etc
A good diet of potassium is also needed to retain calcium in the body; this potassium can be derived from foods like avocado peers, apricots, cocoa powder, seeds of pumpkin and sunflower.

A strict adherence to the above will play a part in building up a strong light and healthy bone.