Thursday, December 16, 2010

It’s delicious but don’t eat without your brains.

Recipe created by Nigella Lawson
As a child, Christmas season for me was a time to visit loved ones, another new cloth in the wardrobe, and there were plenty to eat and take away. Visiting late grandma was usually the most interesting part of Christmas, at least she never said No to any of my request for food or snack and mum and dad could not stop her from over pampering me with her special barbecue ‘bush meat’(common in Nigeria). Till date, I still wonder why Christmas meals are very ‘delicious, special and desired by many’.

In my practice as a Nutritionist, I have discovered that are usually many cases of increase in sugar levels for people with diabetes and new cases of diabetes are recorded after festive seasons- mostly Christmas. Also adding to this is the fact that most people, even non Christians record one festival or the other or even takes holidays during this season.

Now this is my order!
  • When you pick up your cutlery to eat that delicious Christmas meal, pick up  your brains too.

It is very necessary for you to know what your limits are and when you are exceeding them. I agree that there will be a middle ground that allows for enjoyment without the unpleasant consequences, here are some tips for you

  • Do no attend parties hungry. Have a healthy snack before the get together, you may meet some one exactly like my sweet late grand ma who will load you with food as a way showing Christmas love to you. Chances are that you may over eat, make very bad food choices when you go to that gathering hungry.
  • Observe everything that is being offered before you dish your food out. Especially at buffet services, be careful not to load your plate with the first set of meals on display, there could be healthier options at the other end.
  • Allow your brains to direct you. Am very certain that you know how valuable your health is to you. Keep obeying your brain when it tells you that the cake you are about to have is a rather large chunk, let go of that extra whatever, eat some fruits and vegetables, let go of today’s chocolate bar etc.
  • Stay active. I am blessed to come from a region with a warm and friendly weather. You may or may not be lucky as me, however how friendly or unfriendly your weather is, do not forget to add some physical activity to your schedule this holiday season.
  • There will be another Christmas or holiday. While you enjoy this season, remember that there will be another one next year and you will love to be there. Make good food choices.
Add your own tip.

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