Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Take Enough Rest

I always knew that taking enough rest is good for our well-being; to know that it came top on my respondents list is some how surprising to me.

One very important aspect of mental health and well-being is simply allowing the mind time to do nothing. It is in the process of not being busy that one is free to contemplate, meditate, recharge and generally appreciate the world around them. (A world which they are busy to notice).

When the mind feels stressed and clogged with thought, the effects on the body can be adverse. Although I know that this is a resolution that some workaholics may find very hard to keep, taking time to get enough rest can have amazing health benefits.

Rest is a replenisher. Add it to your list of resolutions and give your body the pleasure of healing itself and reabsorbing the natural forces that it has lost through the use and abuse of the body and mind.

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