Tuesday, October 25, 2011


One of the most glaring errors in healthcare in my country and perhaps the world is the lack of attention to the concept of prevention.” Prevention is better than cure” has become more like a kindergarten rhyme than a way of life. Humans have nourished their part that denies the possibility of illness until it occurs. Once it occurs we are given to do whatever that is possible to regain what we lost. If we can focus on prevention in our homes, schools, media and at all places, we would be able to reduce pain and suffering and reduce the huge amount of money spent on health care.

Health is not genetic as people think; it is usually your attitude towards your health that determines how healthy you will live. The fact that your grandparents and great grand parents lived above 90 is not a surety that you will live up to 90 due to a possible gene that enables longevity. How long you live is your responsibility, it starts by making the right choices, the right choices in your diet. Chinese medicine teaches that our blood begins at the end of our fork: we are what we eat.

Change the quality of what you eat to a low fat diet. Fat has been severely accused of being responsible for the wave of different cancers ravaging our societies. This can be further proven in cultures where a low fat and a high fiber diet are consumed with decreased incidence of many cancers. Go for the leanest meat cuts you can get, and make fish, turkey and chicken your source of non vegetable protein.

Avoid simple sugars and eat complex carbohydrates, while you increase the fiber in your diet as much as possible. Your mother was not wrong when she insisted that you should eat your vegetables, increase your intake of vegetables and fruits and enjoy their disease prevention abilities. Minimize salt in your diet and stick to healthy food preparation methods.

Finally, just as Brian Luke Seaward, Ph.D, wrote, “eat at least one meal a day for your immune system”.

This frank advice from the Nutritionist is based on medical reports and on the Nutritionist’s personal observations.


  1. So truee.. very gentle but important reminder

  2. tulisannnya sangat bagus, Thanks

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  4. A great article on dieting a right way. Eating a healthy can prevent to lose may thing. We should eat a healthy meal and only on the right way.

  5. It's really true that prevention is better than cure but there are still hard headed people who justify a lot and say "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die". So stupid. lol


  6. very true and above all we must be conscious of what we eat .


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